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Price Category Price Range Travel Cruise Hotel Egypt

Dear SafariEgypt client,
            On behalf of team, we would like to apologies for not publishing any  hotels rates, as the majority of the Egyptian hotels have a strict policy against publishing their rates on Egyptian websites. We chose to respect their wish although a lot of our competitors don't, as we all believe that business without ethics can never be successful.

However to make it easy for you to choose between our various hotels and Nile cruises, we invented the "Price Category" method. Simply we created 3 price categories for all hotels.
Category  C  Price range  per person per night  in Double room  Low season   From $50  to $80
                                                                                             High season  From $80to $100
Category  B Price range per person per night in Double room     Low season   From $70 to $ 100
                                                                                              High season  From $100 to $120
Category  A Price range per person per night  in Double room    Low season More than $100
                                                                                              High season Mora than $140


High season Period :  1 Oct  to 12 April
Low season Period:    12 April to 30 Sept

As you can see, we chose to reference to the price "per person per night in Double room", as this is what people are generally looking for, if you are looking for price range for "single room", just  multiply the price range of "Double room"  by 1.5 and you will get Price range of "per night in single room"!!  a bit complicated ? check this example for more explanation :

 If        Oberoi Philae Nile cruise, Category B
 Then    Price range per person per night in Double room  $100 to $ 120
To calculate price range for Single room : 100 * 1.5 = 150
                                                                            120 * 1.5 = 180
   So price range for single room per night is between $150 to $180

Hope we made the hotel choice a bit easy for you !

For any comments or questions please contact us


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