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Egypt Pyramids Giza Khufu Khafre Mankaure Great Seven Wonders of the World
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Egyptian Pyramids: Egypt Giza Pyramid Khufu
Giza is the place, where accidentally stumbling over its gold sand can still uncover ancient buried treasures and tombs. With its vast plateau, embracing one of the Seven Wonders of the World: the Great Pyramid -surprising both locals and visitors with its breathtaking grandness-, justifies why a visit to Cairo is incomplete without a visit to Giza. For only I.E. 45, and L.E 20 for students, the gates of history are wide open for You to wander and explore. Just make sure to wear closed, comfortable shoes, and long trousers, especially if you intend to ride camels or climb the Pyramids' colossal steps.

Khufu - Khafre - Mankaure, the Three Pyramids Of Giza, Egypt
(Khufu - Khafre - Mankaure, the Three Pyramids Of Giza, Egypt)

Historical Overview at a glance
If visitors take some time to observe the sunrays, as they descend in an upside down V shape to embrace the smooth sides of the great Pyramids, the exceptional scene would amaze them. However, there is more to the scene’s beauty…as an inscription on one of the Pyramids reads "Heaven makes the sun rays hardened for you that you may ascend ", indicating that not only do the Pyramids of Giza serve as tombs, but also represent a major shift in structure and religious beliefs of the Forth Dynasty, where all three Pyramids were built.

The structure of the Pyramid changed from having stepped sides like that of Sakkara, shedding more emphasis on the route to heaven, and on the religious importance of the sun and solar cult. All three Pyramids date back to the reigns of Kings Khufu; who built the great pyramid, Khafre; his son who built the second pyramid, and Menkaure; Khafre's son who built the third Pyramid, and are aligned on an East-West axis, following the sun rising and setting.

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