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Alexandria Egypt, History Information, Alexander, Greek, Greco-Roman, Mediterranean
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Alexandria Travelers’ Serene Sanctuary
If you are a traveler in search for an ultimate reviving experience for all your senses, Alexandria is the place to be. Sipping mint tea in an outdoor coffee shop, overlooking the spectacular sun, as it drowns in the serene waters of the Mediterranean, while carriages stroll along the narrow, cultural streets with fine heritage evident in every corner, creates an overall tranquil ambiance, crowning Egypt’s second largest city, and busy port with a well-deserved title “The Pearl of the Mediterranean”. With almost every street unfolding with historical sights, newly renovated hotels, and an extended sea shore bustling with visitors all year round, Alexandria is a must see city, where visiting in its mild Winter is as beautiful as its sunny Summer.

Alexandria Egypt, History Information, Alexander, Greek, Greco-Roman, Mediterranean

Getting there and about
The best way to get to Alexandria is to head to Cairo’s main train station located in Ramses Square {accessible by either metro or taxi}, and book a ticket in the speedy express train (Cairo-Alex train) for a non-tiring two-hour journey. You need to show up 30 minutes in advance in front of the booking office in weekdays, and can wait in the station’s coffee shop until it is time for your departure. However, it is highly recommended to book a day earlier if you are planning to travel on weekends. Trains are comfortable, air-conditioned and safe, serving both food and beverages, and void of any boredom, as friendly passengers tend to chitchat with tourists, providing them with useful insights on the pleasant city. Once you arrive, yellow cabs are available 24/7 to drop you off wherever you wish, and their fares are relatively cheap in comparison to Cairo, as a ride from the train station to the furthest end of the corniche would only cost you L.E 5.

Historical overview at a glance
Named after its founder Alexander the Great, Alexandria was founded in 331 B.C. to evolve as Egypt’s enthralling Greco-Roman capital, and center of a diverse culture, enlightening the world with its philosophical wisdom and depth. Its renowned light house- the Seventh Wonder of the World destroyed by an earthquake- built by the Pharos once, stood symbolizing Alexandria as a beacon, radiating its knowledge to the entire world. Ptolemy Alexander’s successor, succeeded in making the lively city the center of the ancient World’s attention, by founding a prominent Mathematics University, and a library, which soon became the greatest and most comprehensive library in the world. Ever since, Greek science flourished in Alexandria, uncovering breakthrough discoveries, such as calculating the earth’s circumference.

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