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Sharm El Sheikh: Experience nature at its finest
Tranquil, turquoise waters, spectacularly merging with white sandy beaches…the bright orange sun, crowning a backdrop of lofty golden mountains, as they marvelously embrace the picturesque scene … an overwhelming sight of “nature at its finest”. Such a heavenly sight does not only mitigate why Sinai’s soil can narrate the early stories of merciful religions, dawned on humanity, but also explains why Sharm El Sheikh’s coastline is now Sinai’s biggest, and most renowned, magnetically attracting tourists from all over the world. Whether you’ve come here searching for sheer physical beauty manifested in; the Red Sea’s fascinating marine life, shining sun, and matchless desert excursions, or simply searching for world-famous accommodation, and dining, found in a variety of quality hotels, and restaurants stretched along the resort’s coastline, Sharm El Sheikh has it all in abundance. The ideal time to visit the lively city is March-May, as the sun is not as dry as it normally is in the morning, and the night tends to be refreshingly cool. Be prepared to spare high energy levels for your holiday to keep up with locals’ joyful nature, as their innate ability to defy sleep, explains why the coastline’s clubs, casinos and cafes, pump with life all night long.

Getting there and about
Sharm El Sheikh has a newly, renovated International Airport, recently expanded to accommodate 1200 passengers per hour. With Egypt’s national airlines “Egypt Air” providing regular, scheduled flights, European cities are connected to Sharm at least once a week. If you are traveling from Cairo, daily, local connections are available for $190, and the journey takes around 50 minutes. However, budget travelers can still enjoy visiting Sharm El Sheikh by catching the “Super Jet" bus located at Torgoman station in downtown Cairo for only L.E. 65, but grabbing snacks and beverages is highly recommended, as the journey lasts around 7 hours. Once you arrive at Sharm, each hotel provides free shuttle buses to drive its guests, and if your hotel is located in Naama Bay-the most popular, tourist center - you needn’t worry about transportation, as you are in the middle of action. However, for travelers staying outside the bay, 4 and 6 seated Taxi’s are available in front of every hotel, as well as, reasonably priced micro buses with a maximum fare of L.E 3.

Historical Overview at a glance
In general, Sinai Peninsula has been plagued by conflicts, most recently between 1967 and 1982, when it was occupied by Israel. Sharm El Sheikh specifically has been captured in the 1967 war, but to its benefit, as Israelis worked on developing its main port, as well as building several hotels along its extended coastline. “Naama Bay”, was given its name by Israelis, to best describe its nature, as “Naama” translates to “Pleasant’ in Hebrew and Arabic too. Camp David’s treaty came as a turning point in Egyptian history, as occupied areas were returned to Egypt, and ever since, Sharm El Sheikh has been remarkably booming, to set itself as tourists’ favorite holiday destination.

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