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Sharm El Sheikh diving/snorkeling Shark’s Bay Ras Mohammed White Knight
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Sharm El Sheikh: What to see:
Sharm El Sheikh offers you plenty to do, however, it stretching 20 Km along the coast, makes many diving, and snorkeling sites accessible - for both beginners and wreck divers- a major highlight of many visitors’ holidays. Adventurous trips to explore the terrific interior of Sinai desert are also available in almost all hotels, where you can customize your mean of exploration; whether you want to hire quad runners, motorbikes or simply go horseback riding in the desert…Sharm El Sheikh offers it all

Recommended diving/snorkeling sites:
Shark’s Bay: Do not be intimidated by the Bay’s name, as this cheap and quiet resort, is open for shore diving/snorkeling, and is famous for its sandy sea floor, and clear waters, which makes it home to beautiful Blue-spotted stingrays, not sharks! Diving and snorkeling equipment can be rented on the shore, however, scuba diving ID’s are required before diving equipment is rented out.

White Knight: For qualified divers, White Knight is an ideal diving site. With a magnificent canyon starting at a depth of around 8m, and a cave at 18 m. Not only does a thrilling dive await you, but also a unique marine life formulated around the canyon.

Coral Bay: Is a beautiful, 5 star hotel offering non-residence, current free waters, colorful Stony, and Acropora corals, as well as a pool, floating on the sea’s surface, for parents to leave their children to snorkel without worries!

Ras Gamila: With a maximum depth of 35 meters, this fascinating site offers divers the chance to swim along superb sea turtles, Barracudas, and Manta rays.

Tiran Island: if you are a qualified diver, make sure not to miss boat trips leaving from Naamaa bay to Tiran island, part of Ras Mohammed’s national marine park, offering spectacular 70 meters dives of famous wrecks such as, Merchant ship Lara, and Cargo ship Lucila, however beware of the strong current.

Essential Excursions:
Saint Catherine’s Monastery: Completely isolated for many years, and surrounded by red granite mountains, the fascinating Orthodox monastery is on the main tourist trail, as busloads of visitors arrive each day. Founded in AD527 by Emperor Justinian, the Monastery is said to be the oldest in the world, and most blessed, as monks claim that they have found St Catherine’s intact body in the mountains, and therefore the monastery was given its name in the 10th century and of course the city was St. Katherine after the mountain.
Recommended: Be prepared to climb Egypt’s highest mountain “Mount Catherine”, a tiring journey of 8,666 feet (2,642 meters) offers a truly outstanding view worth the effort, taking in the gulfs of Aqaba, and Suez, as well as the mountains of Africa and Saudi Arabia. Do not forget to grab a camera to capture the beauty of this once in a lifetime scene, and a jacket, as the mountain’s top tends to be very cold, even in summer. Tea, coffee and blankets are available for tourists once they arrive, and if you are too tired to walk down, camels and horses are available.

Feiran Oasis: The largest oasis in South Sinai, known for its laid-back atmosphere, shady palms, and beautiful orchards. Head there to relax, and appreciate the beauty of a primitive life.

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