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Safaga Egypt, therapeutic healing, natural remedies, Windsurfing Championship
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Safaga: Nature at absolute equilibrium :
Sunny, unpolluted white beaches with captivating silhouettes of soaring mountains as a backdrop…nature at its purest prepared to heal sore bodies buried under its black curative sand…clean breeze, intoxicating worn out souls with its matchless freshness and melodic serenity… an ideal destination offering it all "Safaga". Located around 53 km south of Hurghada on the Red Sea's coast, Safaga is Egypt's most famous therapeutic healing zone. Characterized by a unique geographic location- encircling mountains and sheltered bay- protects the town from polluted sand storms and harmful ultra violet rays, making it ideal for visitors' well being.

The abundance of fresh mineral springs, black sand dunes and unpolluted air allow Safaga to excel in offering rare and natural remedies for common illnesses such as, psoriasis and rheumatoid. Hence, explaining why Egypt's first female Pharaoh; Queen Hatshepsut {recorded in ancient history to have suffered psoriasis} regularly headed from Luxor to Safaga to be buried under its black clay sand, setting the town as a treasured healing destination since ancient times. Today, Safaga has managed to significantly grow from being a small merchant port surrounded by an inactive village to become Egypt's new thriving tourist destination.

Its ideal winds have led to the selection of the town as the host of the 1993 World Windsurfing Championship, and ever since has been attracting passionate windsurfers in search of perfect weather conditions. Nevertheless, the town’s extended white beaches, tranquil Islands and exceptional marine life draw scuba diving lovers in search of a versatile marine life and world class diving sites. Last but not least, lodging facilities in the town have remarkably developed to offer visitors high quality and luxurious accommodation, perfected by International spa chains to create of visitors’ stay a tranquil and relaxing one. So, whether you are diagnosed with a specific physical illness or simply suffer from life's daily pressures and stagnant routine, grab the opportunity to experience absolute revival of both your body and soul in Safaga; the sunny town with a serene nature and exceptional curative qualities.

Getting there and about:
Visitors traveling from Cairo can easily reach Safaga by the SuperJet bus located at Tahrir, Torgoman and Almaza stops. Travelers need not worry about booking the ticket in advance. However, it is highly recommended to head to the mentioned terminals 30 minutes in advance to find a vacant seat. The buses are air conditioned and leave daily at 7:30 a.m. for only L.E. 60 ($14). International travelers can connect to Safaga through Hurghada's International Airport, and once they arrive a 40- minute bus or taxi ride connects them to the promising town. Travelers can also fly to Hurghada by Egypt's national airline; EgyptAir, which operates 4 times a week with direct flights costing L.E 1,7000 ($300) {non-Egyptians round ticket}. Upon arrival, travelers will find themselves lost in the comprehensiveness of the well-equipped lodging facilities {which usually encompass restaurants, discos, supermarkets etc}, which might cause them to stay in. However, getting around Safaga is easy, as reasonably fared taxis and mini buses are available at any time to drop you off anywhere. Moreover, all hotels organize desert excursions, boat trips and guided tours in different languages for guests; all you need is to ask the friendly staff at the reception and sign up for the trip of your choice!

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