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Aswan Egypt information:
For Egyptians, Cairo "is" Egypt.. People in Alexandria say "we are going to Egypt" when they are leaving for Cairo. This shows how much this country -Egypt- is dominated by its capital Cairo.

Cairo is not Pharaonic City, the pyramids were built in “ Memphis” the capital of Ancient Egypt which is 22Km south of the Giza plateau. Cairo was founded by the Fatimid dynasty in A.D. 969. Before this time there had been earlier Settlements, like the Roman fortress Babylon and the “Fustat” established by Amr ibn-Al-As, the Islamic general who conquered Egypt in AD642. A lot of building from the Fatimids era remains today, Al-azhar mosque, Bab an Nasr, Bab al Futuh and Bab Zaweila.

Historical places to visit:
The Pyramids, the sole survivors from the ancient seven wonders of the world. They are the planet’s oldest tourist attraction. (click on the above link for more information)
You can here many legends and stories about the mystery surrounding the Sphinx.
Known in Arabic as Abu al-hol (Father of terror) the name “Sphinx cones from the ancient Greeks because it resembled the mythical winged monster with a woman’s head and a lion body.

Islamic Cairo visits:
There are more than 800 listed monuments, however it is not very easy to visit their all, here is a list of major visits:

Al Azhar mosque
Saqqara pyramids Article And Photos
Khan Al Khaili
The citadel of Cairo
Ibn Tulun mosque
Beit Suhaymi
Mosque of Al-Hakum
Al-Ghouri Complex
Bab Zuweila
Museum of Islamic Art
Mosques el sultan hassan, Mosque of Al-Rifai

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