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Sinai, Abu Galum Protectorate, Colored Canyons, The Blue Desert, Ras Mohamed Park
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Abu Galum Protectorate: Allow yourself to be amazed by the uniqueness of coastal and mountainous ecosystems, which set Abu Galumís protected area as one of the most picturesque in the world. Characterized by protected fresh water springs, gold sand dunes and magnificent coral reefs makes it a must highlight of your visit to Sinai. Hospitable Bedouins guide you through the main interesting areas in the protectorate, leaving you to appreciate the utter tranquility and magnificence of nature untouched

Nabq Managed resource Protected area: Located 35 Km north of Sharm El Sheikh, Nabqís protected area is an outstanding varied ecosystem habitat. Visitors will be amazed by the remarkable and rich variety of plants and species. In addition, to its notable sand dunes, and embracing largest mangrove in Aqaba.

Colored Canyon: Located 90 Km north of Dahab, the colored canyon is natureís masterpiece worth visiting. Visitors will be captivated by how deep rock formations in metallic colors stand in perfect harmony with soft and smooth surfaces in pastels. The canyon is accessible by car, which makes it ideal for adventurous travelers who enjoy hiking.

The Blue Desert: In the midst of the gold barren desert, and Sinaiís clear blue skies stand artistic rock formations contrasting with the surroundings colored in blue. Jean Berame a Belgian artist in love with Sinai worked with United Nations to color in its blue Sinaiís giant desert rocks, which had once witnessed the 1967 war that plagued the area. Visitors come to appreciate this artistic creation reflecting and honoring the peace realized between Egypt and Israel.

Feiran Oasis: Dubbed as ďthe pearl of the desertĒ, Feiran Oasis is the largest in South Sinai, known for its laid-back atmosphere, shady palms, and beautiful orchards. Head there to relax, and appreciate the beauty of a primitive life. The Oasis was a significant religious center in ancient times, as pilgrims rested in it on their way to Mount Sinai. Visitors can also appreciate ancient icons, stone capitals and columns dating back to the 5th Century.

Ras Mohamed National Park: Established in 1983 to protect both marine and wild life, and located at the southern tip of Sinai has edged Ras Mohmed with exotic flora and fauna ecosystems ideal for diving and appreciation of natureís wildlife. Ras Mohamedís magnificent setting allows visitors to meditate on its virgin beaches, and connect with nature. It is highly recommended to check out Tiran Island to enjoy a memorable dive.

Essentials at a glance:
Sinai offers visitors a wide variety of quality International hotel chains and budget motels stretching along its Red Sea coast. Varieties of price ranges are available to cater to budget travelers as well as Luxury seekers. Young backpackers and adventurous travelers will find Sinai ideal for camping in bamboo huts lined on the waterfront. Wherever you decide to stay, staff members are hospitable and friendly, so you neednít worry about getting around the vast peninsula as there is no better way to explore Sinaiís inland sites than by mingling with locals.

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