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Marsa Alam Egypt Information Temple of Seti, Emerald Mine, Wadi Hammamat Red Sea
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Desert Excursions:
For travelers who get tired of spending time underwater, Marsa Alam offers matchless desert excursions for adventurous travelers with passion for outdoor activities. At first glance, Sinaiís desert seems barren and empty. However, once explored, visitors will be struck by its majestic impressiveness and simplicity. The town is an ideal spot to start your desert discovery, and below are some of the highlights:

Temple of Seti: East of Edfu, lies an ancient rock cut temple built by Seti I, precisely in 1305-1290 BC. Captivating depictions of Seti murdering his enemies, and offering gifts to the God Amun decorate the imposing entrance, and are worth photographing. Visitors are recommended to check out the superb rock formation dating back from the pre-dynastic times, decorating the Wadiís walls with depictions of gazelles, dancing goddesses and ancient boats.

Emerald Mine: Named after the oldest, precious gemstone; the emerald, historians believe that Ancient Egyptians began mining emeralds in this area near Marsa Alam, as the stoneís unique green color was a symbol of power in ancient times. The area became the most famous mining complex throughout the ancient world, and ruins of different ancient mines can still be explored on foot.

Wadi Hammamat: Located midway between Quseir and Quena, lies the legendary Wadi, which was famous for an ornamental sacred, green rock and ancient Egyptian drawings dating back to 4000 BC. Through this valley runs the shortest, ancient road from the Red Sea to the Nile, allowing visitors to gaze at awe and admire the ruins of ancient mines, fortresses and sacred wells.

Recommended: 145 Km southwest of Marsa Alam rests the tomb of a 13th century Sufi Sheikh known as Sayyed El Shazli. Legend tales that El Shazli wanted to be buried in a place, where no one has ever sinned, justifying why his tomb is built in the middle of nowhere. Visitors can enjoy a memorable, authentic experience by attending his Moulid {a celebration usually held marking a saintís birthday} celebrated on the 15th day of the Islamic month of Shawal.

Where to stay:
Quality, secluded hotels are available in Marsa Alam to compliment your pleasant stay in the tranquil town. Check out the two five-stars Iberotels. Coraya Iberotel is a Moroccan style hotel, radiating warmth and hospitability. Prices vary during high and low seasons with a highest rate of L.E. 450 per single, and L.E. 600 per double. Lamaya Iberotel is ideal for families with many activities organized to entertain children of different ages. Honey mooners should check out the remote 5 star Kahramana hotel, situated 250 Km south of Hurgada. This luxurious hotel is situated between two serene bays, making it an ideal romantic spot. Exciting sports activates are available, as well as beach bars, restaurants and health clubs. Diving enthusiasts can also check out Wadi Lahami, where tents overlooking the beach are available for 25 Euros, huts for 48 Euros or small chalets for 50 Euros. Prices include full board, and unlimited diving.

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